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Pests such as cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects and bugs can ruin your enjoyment of your Mount Pleasant, SC, home. They can produce damage, create health problems and risks with them and can even lower East Cooper property values. If you own a Mt. Pleasant business, termites and certain pests can completely ruin your reputation and cost you business.

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For dependable locally owned pest control in Mount Pleasant, SC, there's Arrow Termite and Pest. Our technicians are local and highly trained to give you the best service and the most reliable pest control treatments around. Count on us to show up on time and provide a complete property inspection to find out which pests are causing the problem and then provide you with the solution that is right for your East Cooper home or business.

Experience counts and our Mount Pleasant pest control company has over 35 years of dependable and expert

service. We will use that experience to give you East Cooper pest control services for your home or business that will get rid of termites and pests and stop them from returning. Contact us today!

Spider Control Service in Mount Pleasant, SC

Spiders can establish their webs and begin dining on insects throughout your property and around your home. Some of them can actually be helpful by reducing the mosquito population or getting rid of flies. Still, spiders can lay a lot of eggs and create hundreds of more spiders and you could wind up with a spider infestation.

Arrow Termite and Pest Control specialists are the experts in spider removal in your house. Mount Pleasant homes and businesses need to get rid of any spider infestation. Spider webs accumulate debris and can become littered with insect remains that cause your home and property look dirty. Also, some spiders choose not to be bothered and will bite if anyone runs into their webs, which possibly puts your family at risk.

Bed Bug Control Mount Pleasant, SC

Bed bugs can develop into a serious infestation and issue quite fast. It takes just a few to begin multiplying and soon after, mattresses, sheets, sofas, carpets, picture frames,  and other areas are crawling with the tiny blood-feeders.

One of the qualities that make a bed bug infestation difficult to manage on your own is that they can go into hiding. It can be hard to eliminate them unless you are trained to spot the signs, and missing a just a few causes them to come back. Arrow Termite and Pest Control is the local bed bug control and treatment specialist Mount Pleasant residents and business owners rely on.

Don't put up with bed bugs and don't burn all of your furniture and clothes. Contact Arrow instead for bed bug control in Mount Pleasant that will get rid of the current infestation and prevent them from returning.

Termite Control Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

We specialize in termite control services (including CL-100 termite inspections), for Mt. Pleasant homes and businesses

Termites are among the most destructive pests in South Carolina and especially East of the Cooper, and have the ability to produce thousands of dollars in damage to your home. While other Mount Pleasant termite and pest control companies may only provide minimum treatments according to specifications, Arrow Termite and Pest Control always exceeds those standards by treating your problem with the maximum allowed application.

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Family owned and operated since 1989, you can count on the team at Arrow Termite and Pest Control to help you protect your Mt. Pleasant family from termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches (Palmetto bugs), and other pests that invade our East Cooper lifestyle.

Contact The Mount Pleasant Exterminator Professionals today, call us at (843) 873-0800, to see what we can do for your East Cooper residential or business pest control.