CL-100 Wood Infestation Report in Charleston SC

What is a CL-100 and Why Do I Need One For My Charleston Area Home?

Wood infestation reports (CL-100's) are legal documents required by lending firms to complete real estate transactions. For your real estate closing needs, call Arrow Termite and Pest Control as we quickly respond to complete the report; normally, on the same day of the request.

Wood Infestation Reports should be ordered within 30 days of closing.

The Department of Pesticide Regulations at Clemson University is the enforcement and investigative authority in the state of South Carolina for pesticide use, alleged pesticide misuse, sub-standard termite treatments, and wood infestation reports.

What Information Does The Wood Infestation Report Contain?

The Wood Infestation Report is a two-page document and it answers such general questions as:

  • Where was the damage located?

  • What produced the damage?

  • Is there any noticeable indication of infestation or earlier treatment?

  • Are there any obstacles or difficult to get to areas which cannot be inspected?

  • Were all damages conveyed?

  • Was a builder contacted to evaluate the damages?

The Wood Infestation Report’s second page identifies distinct areas of concern, including locations of prior treatment, and it detects areas that are unreachable for inspection.

What Happens If Wood Infestation Is Identified?

Homeowners are generally hesitant to disclose to prospective buyers that their home is damaged by termites. For many, the words “termite damage” produces visions of flying sawdust as tiny insects with large teeth gnaw their way through a home. Fortunately, this image is far from true.

In the time it takes most people to decide about treatment, even if a substantial infestation of termites is present, only a minor amount of further damage will happen.

Many South Carolina houses that are more than 10 years-old can usually expect to have some wood-destroying organism damage. Damage that has been appropriately fixed, or decided to be not structurally important, should not get in the way of the house being sold.

Does a Wood Infestation Report Guarantee an Absence of Termites?

No. This report is basically an explanation of any noticeable activity or damage created by termites or other wood-destroying creatures. The inspection is established on careful visual inspection of freely accessible spaces and by sounding or searching. A skilled building expert should be consulted to define the amount of damage and if repairs are needed. Most Pest Control Operators are not builders.

Oftentimes, the Wood Infestation Report is incorrectly known as a “clearance letter” or a “termite letter.” It is not a “clearance letter” in that it does not inevitably “clear” a structure. It is not a “termite letter” because it focuses on more than just termites.

Your Checklist for Wood Infestation Report

  • Have all the questions been answered?

  • Are the answers consistent, and do they make sense?

  • Are all “yes” answers sufficiently clarified on the back of the form?

  • Do the descriptions make sense?

  • Was inspection by a qualified building expert recommended?

  • Did a building expert inspect and report?

  • Is the Wood Infestation Report consistent with other known information about the house?

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