Commercial Termite & Pest Control Services in Charleston SC

Protect your Business with Arrow's Commercial Services


We offer a dedicated commercial division that specializes in ensuring safe service solutions to all businesses. Pests in your businesses can affect the way your customers view you and your company.

Even buildings that are consistently cleaned can have pest control problems. When that happens, you need a Charleston area commercial pest control company that can help you remove the cause of your problem. In reality, when you notice one unwanted visitor, you should always expect a larger infestation nearby. Arrow Termite & Pest Control can develop a pest control plan, which consists of inspections, treatments, monitoring and suggestions for physical modifications that will help to remove hidden breeding grounds. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind needed to run your business without anxiety of a worker, client or customer ever noticing a problem with pest.

Custom-made Termite and Pest Control Solutions for Businesses
Of Any Size

We can develop a commercial pest control plan designed to meet the particular requirements of your business. We not only resolve your immediate problems, our quarterly maintenance services will avoid future infestations. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Locate pest or rodent entry points

  • Identify conducive conditions

  • Inspect commercial property

  • Create tailored pest control plans

  • Follow up visits to ensure success

  • Identify damage for abatement or repair


At Arrow Termite & Pest Control, our emphasis is on providing the best exterminator services including routine pest control, termite treatments, mosquito control, and more. We will provide spot treatments as needed to control your problem anytime during a quarterly cycle that conditions change.

Complete Commercial Services for Your Complete Peace Of Mind

Our quarterly pest control plan is aimed at preventing return of infestations as well as eliminating damage to your property caused by pests. With our guaranteed Quarterly Perimeter Service, we remove the need for remembering to make appointments for monthly or seasonal services. Additionally, you will not endanger your employees, guests, clients or customers to needless pesticide applications inside your place of business. We can also offer additional interior control for ants, roaches, and biting insects as needed. If you have issues between scheduled quarterly services we will retreat, including inside areas if necessary, at no additional cost to you.

Commercial Termite and Pest Control