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Roach Control Charleston SC

Charleston Cockroach
& Palmetto Bug Extermination

If you're tired of dealing with pesky cockroaches and palmetto bugs in your Charleston, SC, home or business, it's time to turn to the professionals at Arrow Pest Control. Our team has the skills and expertise to effectively eliminate these pests from your property once and for all.


Whether you're dealing with the common palmetto bug or the more widespread cockroach, we have the solution. Not only will we get rid of the bugs you see, but we'll also target the root of the problem to ensure they don't come back.


And with our commitment to quality customer service, you can trust that we'll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Don't let cockroaches and palmetto bugs ruin your peace of mind – give us a call today and experience the difference with Arrow Pest Control.

Is a Palmetto Bug the Same as a Cockroach?

Most people call any large, dark cockroach a “palmetto bug.” In Coastal South Carolina areas like Charleston, this is true for the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana. However, the palmetto bug is just a nickname—it’s not an actual species. How can you tell a palmetto bug apart from other cockroaches? 

The American cockroach is the largest species of common cockroach, and it’s also one of the most widespread. These roaches are reddish-brown, with a yellow band around the edge of their body. Males have fully developed wings and can fly short distances, while females have smaller wings that don’t allow them to fly. Both sexes range in size from 1 to 3 inches long.


If you think you’ve spotted a palmetto bug, look for these five identifying characteristics:

1. Large Size

As we mentioned, American cockroaches are the largest species of common cockroach—and they can be up to three inches long. This makes them much larger than most other types of cockroaches. If you see a dark, winged insect that’s bigger than your average housefly, it’s probably an American cockroach.

2. Reddish-Brown Color

American cockroaches are reddish-brown in color, with a yellow band around their body. This is one of the easiest ways to identify them since most other types of cockroaches are dark brown or black.

3. Wings

Both males and females have wings, but only the males can fly. If you see a cockroach with wings, it’s likely an American cockroach.

4. Long, Slender Antennae

American cockroaches have long, slender antennae that are about as long as their body. This is another easy way to spot them since most other types of cockroaches have shorter antennae.

5. Geographic Location

If you live in Coastal South Carolina, there’s a good chance any large, dark cockroach you see is an American cockroach. These roaches are common in this area, so they’re the most likely type  of cockroach you’ll encounter.

Whether you call them American cockroaches, waterbugs, or palmetto bugs, if you do spot one of these insects in your home, be sure to contact a pest control professional right away. American cockroaches can be difficult to get rid of on your own, and they can cause serious health problems if they’re not dealt with quickly.


Why Choose Arrow Termite & Pest Control As Your Lowcountry Roach Treatment Company

Family Owned & Operated

Stand Behind All Our Work

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Certified Technicians For All Your Needs

We Put Our Customers First

A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau

Trusted, Affordable, and Fast!

What Our Clients Say:

"Dedicated customer for over 16 years, and we are extremely happy with their service and honesty!  David and the Arrow Team is an outstanding family-owned business that you can Trust, and we highly recommend everyone to get their service." - Bruce B. (Google)

Cockroach Control for Your Lowcountry Home

Cockroaches are found in Charleston Lowcountry homes and businesses typically between March and October.  When you spot one roach inside your home, that’s an indication that there are potentially hundreds around.  Our cockroach control technicians mainly treat the exterior area of the structure to stop entry from outside.

Cockroach treatment plans consist of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly options. We put a priority upon guaranteeing that each treatment is done with the safety of your environment in mind and is safe for both pets and humans.


But beyond that, we also want to make sure that we are living up to our promise of providing a service that is affordable and effective. Arrow has been family owned and operated since 1989, so we know how important it is to keep your home free of pests! 

Tips To Prevent Cockroaches From Invading
Your Charleston Area Home

Store food in airtight containers and keep your kitchen clean

Reduce clutter in your home to make it harder for cockroaches to hide

Remove any standing water from your property

Repair any cracks or holes in your walls or floors

Keep your yard clean and free of debris and garbage.

Contact Arrow Pest Control at the first sign of cockroaches

For Palmetto Bug & Cockroach Control Management in Charleston SC, Call Arrow Today

If you frequently spot cockroaches or palmetto bugs, there could be many more hiding from your sight. To keep these pests at bay, consider enlisting the help of Arrow Termite & Pest Control.


Our team offers a range of flexible and affordable pest control plans to address cockroach and palmetto bug infestations in your home. We take care of the problem both inside and outside your home, and our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction.


As a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience, we have a long list of satisfied customers in Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties in South Carolina, including in Charleston, Kiawah Island, Summerville, Ladson, Mount Pleasant, and West Ashley. Trust us to handle your cockroach and palmetto bug problem effectively and efficiently.

Cockroach Control Charleston SC
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