Getting Rid Of Cockroaches in Charleston SC

Is a Palmetto Bug the Same as a Cockroach?

Yes! In fact, a number of species of roaches have come to be known as “Palmetto bugs,” but the American cockroach is typically the species to which Charleston, Summerville, and Mount Pleasant area residents refer to as the Palmetto bug. Whatever you choose to call them, Lowcountry homeowners and businesses are all too aware of these pests.

Despite the fact these large, winged creatures are surely not pleasing to have around, it’s reassuring to know that palmetto bugs don’t bite or sting like so many of our Lowcountry pests, and an effective pest control plan for your Charleston home or business can control their numbers.

Cockroach Control for Your Lowcountry Home

Cockroaches - or Palmetto Bugs - are found in Charleston homes and businesses typically between March and October.  When you spot one roach inside your Lowcountry home, that’s an indication that there are potentially hundreds around.  Our cockroach control technicians mainly treat the exterior area of the structure to stop entry from outside.

palmetto bug vs cockroach  how to get rid of palmetto bugs in Charleston SC

Cockroach treatment plans consist of an option of monthly, bi-month, or quarterly appointments.  We put a priority upon guaranteeing that each treatment is done with the safety of your environment in mind and is safe for both pets and humans. 

Palmetto Bugs in Charleston

Palmetto bugs love warm climates, especially those along the South Carolina coast. They are, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of Charleston living as we have the textbook weather conditions for bugs like these. If you’re in the Lowcountry, you’re most likely close to at least one of these roaches.

How Can I Prevent Palmetto Bugs?

Getting rid of places from around the house for Palmetto Bugs to hide will control an infestation.

Tips to preventing Palmetto Bugs:

  • Make certain all windows and doors fit firmly with their frames

  • Keep  firewood away from the house and put it on a rack

  • Keep your grass cut short, especially around the foundation of your home

  • Keep  shrubbery away from  any windows 

  • Don’t leave uneaten pet food out overnight

How To Get Rid Of Palmetto Bugs in Your Charleston Home

Sometimes, spotting a palmetto bug can be enough to throw some people into a panic. If they continue to make their way into your home even with your attempts to keep them out, you can simply vacuum or sweep them up and throw them out when you see one darting alongside the wall or baseboard. Additionally, you can put out bait traps, but make certain you place them where children and pets cannot get access to them.

While many people use Boric acid dust and tobacco juice to try and get rid of palmetto bugs, these solutions need to be applied carefully as they are dangerous to both humans and pets. Also, never use any toxins in spaces where children or pets may have access. An alternative that is safer would be to use a mixture of vinegar and water as it might help kill the bugs but is still safe for people and animals.



For Palmetto Bug Control Management in Charleston SC, Call Arrow Today

If you see palmetto bugs often, it’s probably likely that there are a lot more that you can’t see. To keep them under control, Arrow Termite & Pest control offers a number of affordable and flexible pest control plans that include treatment for palmetto bugs. We treat entry points inside, protect your home outside, and guarantee your satisfaction. For rapid results and continuing protection, contact us today, (843) 873-0800!

Family owned and operated since 1989, Arrow Termite and Pest Control has been providing residential cockroach and palmetto bug control service for over four decades. We proudly serve homeowners in the Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties of South Carolina; including Charleston, Summerville, Ladson, Mount Pleasant. Kiawah Island, and West Ashley.