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Spider Control in Charleston SC

Spider Control In Your Lowcountry Home

Even though spiders can in reality be valuable in containing other insect occupants in your home, the detection of these eight-legged creature or their cobwebs in your Lowcountry kitchen, bathroom, is quite often not a wanted event.

Residential spider control company Summerville SC

If you are dealing with a spider infestation in your home, contact the spider control experts at Arrow Termite and Pest Control. We span over four decades of experience removing spiders and other residential pests in homes throughout the Charleston Lowcountry area.

Get Rid Of Spiders in Your Home in Charleston, Summerville & Beyond

Most spiders Arrow Termite and Pest take care of are completely harmless, however, not all of them are. According to the Clemson University Entomology, Soils, and Plant Science web page, “In South Carolina, two groups of spiders, the widow and the recluse spiders, are of most concern.”

Non-venomous spiders we treat for include:

  • Common house spiders

  • Giant house spiders

  • Domestic house spiders

  • Brown house spiders

  • Red house spiders

  • Black house spiders

  • Southern house spiders

The technicians of Arrow Termite and Pest Control are expert at finding and pinpointing the spider type in a given setting. As soon as the variety and spot of the spider population has been recognized we will begin a treatment procedure.

The plan will focus on identified and assumed places of activity, and will involve both interior and exterior regions of the structure. In order to be completely successful, web removal is an essential factor of an effective spider removal program and should be done with each service event.

For Spider Control Management in Charleston SC, Call Arrow Today

Family owned and operated since 1989, Arrow Termite and Pest Control have been providing residential spider control service over four decades. We proudly serve homeowners in the Charleston, Dorchester and Berkley Counties of South Carolina; including Charleston, Summerville, Ladson, Mount Pleasant. Kiawah Island, and West Ashley.

Contact The Spider Control Professionals today, call us at (843) 873-0800, to see what we can do for your residential spider control.

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